Nationwide UK Bank


Challenge:  Millennials don't trust banks, but Millennials aren't aware of Nationwide's UK bank.  

Solution:  Gain the trust of Millennials while positioning Nationwide as a future-facing bank.  Give Millennials a way to budget, pay, and get the most out of their experiences. And what better venue than England's most famous Glastonbury Festival? This is GlastoNation.  

Festival goers receive Glastonbury package with Nationwide sponsored pack inside.  

Through the app, festival goers can transfer money to friends, pay for amenities, and earn Nationwide "NatCash" redemption points.

Festival goers can even use the app to find their friends, navigate back to their tent, and locate GlastoStations.

Nationwide will provide GlastoStations where folks can purchase festival necessities such as toilet paper, wet wipes, and ear plugs using their wristband. 

Prompt festival goers to use #GlastoNation on social media to earn NatCash rewards points.  NatCash rewards give goers perks such as: toilet paper or free WiFi in the Nationwide Tent.  Through social media exposure, friends of festival goers will view Nationwide in a positive light.