Hi. I'm Annie, and I'm an inquisitive creative. 

I strive to keep my thoughts fluid, and gain insight along the way.  
I do so by asking big, strange, and weird questions.  
The more you know, the better.  Right?


Things you should know:


Full Disclosure: I'm a New Englander to the core.  Please don't hold this against me.

I'm an athlete.  I played soccer and hockey in college.  Now I play USTA tennis, do crossfit, and hit the boxing ring to feed my competitive mindset.

I'm a comedian.  I do improv, write sketch and sitcoms.

Oh, and I'm a dog person. 


Cool things I do:

I used to throw up tags and graffiti pieces in high school.

You may be asking yourself, "How did a little, blonde teenage girl get into graffiti art?" 

That's totally chill.  I take no offense.

Truth is, I've always been into graffiti, but didn't start throwin' up until high school.  
My tag is BAM with my alter-ego Taz.
Take a look:  
(Recipient - Honorable Mention - Thoreau Competition, 2010 | Graffiti Collaboration)

I also picked up woodcarving in high school.
In order to graduate from Middlesex, you had to "leave your mark" by carving a plaque.
Turns out, I wasn't half bad!  Now I'm addicted...